Thursday, June 16, 2016

425 Keap st. Williamsburg BKLYN

425 Keap street
6 story+ basement renovation
40,000 square ft
Was hired initially as electrician, but took over as project manager/designer.
I had a crew of about 9
Wish I had taken before pictures.

view of typical living room in each loft apartment

Lots of sandblasting

All loft /apartments were one bedroom

concrete cast in place molds I designed and made were used throughout the building. Above you see a window sill of cast cement

the column bases I did the same thing made for an easy elegant solution, as to how to seal penetration of column without spending hours on wood moldings.
this was done after the oak flooring installation.

most bedrooms I utilized a frosted glass wall

Walls ceilings between loft/apartments used soundboard and sheetrock plus fiberglass batting to soundproof between tenants, worked really well. From my soundroom building experience.

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